“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”

Steve Jobs


Our comprehensive services are designed to give your new product development the best chance of commercial success. We can assist you with the full range of services – innovation strategy, research, design, product development, commercialisation, production support and commissioning.

The quality and performance of the products you offer to your customers are key to your success. We work together to make success possible.

Strategic Innovation Advisory

Before we focus on technical solutions, the most important thing we need to understand is you. What is your business all about and what outcomes do your customers expect you to deliver?

A successful innovation project starts with strategy. By working with you from the outset, we can help you uncover solutions and opportunities that you may not have considered, as well as test and evaluate the ones you have. We can assist you with:

•  Market research
•  Customer and end-user outcomes (needs) research & analysis
•  Technical design reviews
•  Competitor analysis & product evaluation

To ensure your development meets the current and future needs of your chosen set of customers, we apply a customer-centric innovation framework. This framework works to:

1.  Align your business and innovation strategies.
2.  Identify your chosen set of customers real needs.
3.  Develop effective solutions that are evidence based and user-centric.
4.  Identify and develop the delivery capabilities required to support your product’s commercial success.
5.  Maximise the long-term value of your customers to your business.

Don’t throw your money at the R&D wall hoping something will stick – determine your strategy and innovation process to significantly increase the likelihood of your New Product Development project succeeding.

Product Research & Development

People want to get more jobs done and specific tasks achieved better, faster and cheaper than before. When you innovate, that is what you’re aiming to deliver to your customers.

We have a long track record of producing innovative products and solutions that keep our clients market leaders – we are no strangers to the patenting process and intellectual property protection. We can assist you with:

•  Determining whether a technological solution already exists
•  Technological research creating either new knowledge or new or improved products and processes
•  Product briefs and specifications
•  Standards compliance requirements, including CE and UL standards
•  Initial concept development & design work
•  User experience design
•  Prototype development & testing
•  Field trials
•  Design for manufacturability reviews
•  Documentation required to transition to full scale production or implementation

Our systematic approach to research and development incorporates evidence-based design practices to test and measure outcomes and performance.

Product Commercialisation, Production Support & Commissioning

“Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It’s coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering as well as final assembly.”   James Dyson

The quantity and quality of resources required to take a prototype to commercial manufacturing is commonly underestimated. Often referred to as the “valley of death”, product commercialisation is usually the most expensive phase and involves far greater risks to your project and business. Consequently, choosing the right production processes and resources for the specific needs and quantities of your product is critical. Agenta Technologies can help get your production process on track. We can assist you with:

•  Obtaining any compliance certifications required
•  Final design optimisation with an eye to minimising production costs without compromising product performance
•  Detail drawings
•  Component specifications, costings and sourcing
•  Assembly drawings and instructions
•  Final CAD models
•  Quality systems compliance documentation
•  Onsite commissioning
•  Site monitoring

We also provide ongoing support to resolve any unforeseen technical issues.


Agenta Technologies has been an integral part of a number of key projects for Compac. During these projects they were able to meet tight deadlines without compromising on the details and overall quality of their deliverables.

Their personable approach meant that they fit right in with our development team, and made valuable contributions on a cross-functional systems level, and during detailed design.

Johan Brand

Electronics Team Lead, Compac

If you have a new product development project in mind, we invite you to get in touch.